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Quick Notes on Plant Taxonomy

Notes on Plant Taxonomy:- 1. Objectives of Plant Taxonomy 2. Principles of Plant Taxonomy 3. Classification 4. Identification. Objectives of Plant Taxonomy: The first object of plant taxonomy is to identify all the kinds of plants on earth with their names, distinctions, distribution, habit, characteristics and affinities. It also tries to correlate the studies with […]

Description and Identification of a Flowering Plant

The following points highlight the eleven main schemes used to describe and identify a flowering plant. The schemes are: 1. Habitat 2. Habit 3. Root 4. Stem 5. Leaf 6. Inflorescence 7. Flower 8. Fruit 9. Seed 10. Floral Formula And Floral Diagram 11. Identification.   Scheme # 1. Habitat: The natural abode or locality of […]

Modern Trends in Relation to Taxonomy

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Introduction to Modern Trends 2. Morphology in Relation to Taxonomy 3. Anatomy 4. Embryology 5. Palynology 6. Cytology 7. Ecology. Contents: Introduction to Modern Trends in Relation to Taxonomy Morphology in Relation to Taxonomy Anatomy in Relation to Taxonomy Embryology in Relation to Taxonomy Palynology in Relation […]

Families of Angiosperms (With Diagram)

The below mentioned article provides an overview on Families of Angiosperms. Angiosperms = Ovules or seeds enclosed in the ovary. I. Dicotyledons. II. Monocotyledons I. Dicotyledons: Flowers mostly tetra or pentamerous; leaves net veined; cotyledons usually two; stem commonly with vascular bundles arranged in a ring and open. This class is divided into polypetalae, gamopetalae […]

Taxonomic Literature of Plants: An Overview

Taxonomy is fundamentally a descriptive and highly documented science. Its literature is voluminous and constitutes so vital a part of its structure that, irrespective of whether the problem is one of identification of an unknown plant, solution of a nomenclatural puzzle, or a monographic or floristic study, acquaintanceship must be made with the more important […]

Floral Formula: Meaning and Symbols | Plant Taxonomy

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Floral Formula 2. Symbols Used in Construction of Floral Formula 3. How to Write Floral Formula? 4. How to Read Floral Formula?. Meaning of Floral Formula: It is a symbolic and numerical representation of various floral parts. It also furnishes information regarding symmetry, sexuality and […]

Floral Diagram: Meaning and Indication | Plant Taxonomy

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Floral Diagram 2. Indication of Floral Diagram 3. How to Draw ?. Meaning of Floral Diagram: A floral diagram is a diagram of a cross-section of the flower as it would appear if all floral parts were cut at the same level. It is the […]

Collecting the Plant Specimens: 7 Steps

The following points highlight the seven main steps to be followed for collecting the plant specimens. The steps are: 1. Planning 2. Pressing 3. Drying 4. Poisoning 5. Mounting 6. Labelling 7. Storing. Step # 1. Planning: Proper planning and making arrangements before undertaking a long trip is essential. The following points may be followed: […]

An Overview on Plant Identification

The below mentioned article provides an overview on Plant Identification:- 1. Meaning of Plant Identification 2. Methods of Plant Identification 3. Plant Characters before Its Identification 4. Keys 5. Recent Methods 6. Artificial Keys. Meaning of Plant Identification: Plant identification implies assigning a plant to a particular taxonomic group – ultimately to the species. The […]

Herbarium: Meaning, Functions and Significance

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Herbarium 2. Functions of Herbarium 3. Kinds 4. Important Herbarium of The World 5. Significance. Meaning of Herbarium: A herbarium is a store house of plant specimens. In it dried, pressed, preserved and mounted plant specimens are arranged in a sequence of an accepted system […]

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