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Image Guidelines

This website helps you to build your digital library. You can contribute articles to this site and can also use images in your content. You must follow the guidelines below when uploading any images on this site.

Prohibited Images

You aren’t permitted to upload:

  • Adult Images
  • Gambling Images
  • Images that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
  • Copyrighted Images
  • Images related to Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related
  • Hacking and cracking Images
  • Violent Images
  • Images related to Weapon
  • Other illegal Images


Notwithstanding any of the following guidelines, publishing infringing images may lead to a lifetime ban from This website.

Quality and Review Process

It is solely your responsibility to ensure you have all necessary rights to publish any image on this site. Blurry or irrelevant images (including author portraits) or images from unapproved sources are prohibited.

Approved Sources

The following are the only sources from which you can obtain and publish images. No exceptions. Remember, these are only guidelines for using images on this site. Knowing whether or not you have the legal right to use an image is solely your responsibility. If in doubt, do not submit the image, even if it otherwise appears to meet our guidelines.

1. Images Created By YOU

You may use images created by you. However, you must have obtained permission for property or people depicted in the image, if any. Please enter your name (don’t used your penname if you have one) in the credit and copyright fields at during the submission process. Please note that putting your penname in the copyright field may create confusion as to ownership. Accordingly, we recommend you use your real name.

You may not simply take a photo of another party’s copyrighted material and submit it credited to yourself. The previous sentence is applicable even if you believe the photo falls under “fair use” guidelines.

2. Online Press Kits

You may use images from online promotional press kits, provided that they allow free distribution. You must follow the guidelines and restrictions exactly as directed by the terms and conditions set forth by the copyright holder. Unless otherwise noted at the respective website, please enter the name of the artist or photographer in the credit field and “website name/Press Kit” in the copyright field during the submission process. If the name of the artist or photographer is not available, please enter the name of the website.


Review their terms of use by browsing the below given URL. Please enter the user’s name in the credit field during the submission process and “’s name” in the copyright field.



Review their terms of use by browsing the below given URL. Please enter the Morgue File user’s name in the credit field during the submission process and “’s name” in the copyright field.



You must view the description page for each image (by clicking on the image) to determine whether you can reuse it. For a tutorial on usage conditions at Wikimedia Commons by browsing the below given URL. Please enter the photographer or artist’s name in the credit field during the submission process and “Wikimedia Commons” in the copyright field.

Beware: Images that require the same Creative Commons license to be applied when reused may not be used on this site.



Review their license agreement by browsing the below given URL. Please enter the iStockphoto user’s name in the credit field during the submission process and enter “’s name” in the copyright field.


You must purchase images from – you cannot simply right-click and save the image to your computer. It will be watermarked, and publishing of that image will violate the image owner’s copyrights. Instead, create an account, pay for the image and download it using their system. Purchased photos should not be added to the public library.


You may only use images from Flickr that are public, and are designated with the Creative Commons Attribution (a.k.a. BY) license or with Attribution-NoDerivs (a.k.a. BY =). Flickr images with the Non-Commercial or Share-Alike attributes are not permitted on this site. Review information about Creative Commons licensing on Flickr by browsing the below given URL.
You must respect all licensing terms on Flickr. Please enter the photographer’s username in the “credit” field and the URL for the photographer’s Flickr page ( in the “copyright” field.

8. The U.S. Federal Government

In general, U.S. government authored or produced images that are clearly marked as being in the U.S. public domain are acceptable. Note: While the content of most federal government web pages is in the U.S. public domain, some photographs, images, and/or graphics that appear on federal government websites are used with permission from the copyright holder. It is your sole responsibility to determine whether an image is in the public domain.

Please enter the photographer or artist’s name in the credit field during the submission process and enter the name of government website the image came from in the copyright field.

Important Notes

Copyright Law Warning:

Copyright Law with respect to images is very complicated. Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorance of the law is not an excuse. While we posts general guidelines to assist you, as a contributor, you are solely responsible to educate yourself thoroughly on the legal issues surrounding the publication of images, as well as for any damages that result in publishing infringing images. To learn more about copyright law and the Internet, the following links may be helpful:


On Fair Use:

“Fair use” is a legal doctrine, not part of our policies. Although some items prohibited in these guidelines are permitted under generally accepted legal fair use guidelines, our image submission guidelines must be followed closely when publishing with us. Publishing images that do not adhere to these guidelines may lead to account suspension or closure, even if the images are permissible legally under the doctrine of fair use.

Other Notes:

Regardless of the foregoing guidelines, the use of images from the foregoing sites must comply with the terms and conditions of that site as it relates to that image, as well as to any relevant copyright laws.

References and Citation

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