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Phylum Arthropoda (With Diagram) | Invertebrate Zoology

The phylum Arthropoda (Gr., arthros – jointed + podos = foot) is the largest group of the animal kingdom. Phylum Arthropoda surpasses all others both in number of individuals and in the diversity of their ecological distribution. They have undergone an adaptive radiation for aerial, aquatic, terrestrial, and parasitic environments filling every conceivable ecological niche. […]

Excretory Organs of Palaemon Malcolmsonii

The following points highlight the four main excretory organs of Palaemon Malcolmsonii. The organs are: 1. Antennary Glands 2. Lateral Ducts 3. Renal Sac 4. Integument. Palaemon Malcolmsonii: Excretory Organ # 1. Antennary Glands: The antennary gland or green gland of adult Palaemon lies enclosed within the coxal segment of each antenna. Each gland is […]

Sense Organs in Palaemon Malcolmsonii

The following points highlight the four main types of sense organs in Palaemon Malcolmsonii. The sense organs are:  1. Compound Eyes 2. Statocysts 3. Tactile Organs 4. Olfactory Setae.  Sense Organ: Type # 1. Compound Eyes: Structure: In Palaemon Malcolmsonii, there is a pair of black and hemispherical compound eyes. Each eye is borne on […]

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