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Structure of Euglena (With Diagram) | Zoology


In this article we will discuss about the structure of euglena. This will also help you to draw the structure and diagram of euglena.


1. A small free living and freshwater form.


2. Body spindle shaped and usually green in colour and is surrounded with tough & elastic membrane – the pellicle.

3. In the middle of anterior end lies a cytostome leading into a small cytopharynx which dialates behind into a reservoir.

4. Near the reservoir a large contractile vacuole is present.

5. Ectoplasm full of myonemes and endoplasm has a small rounded nucleus and conspicuous chloroplasts arranged like a star.


6. A long flagellum originates from two roots on the side of reservoir.

7. A tiny eye spot is also present near the roots of flagellum.

8. Reserve food in the form of pyrenoid bodies.

9. Nutrition holophytic asometimes saprophytic also.

10. Reproduction through longitudinal binary fission, but in adverse circumstances through encystment and palmella stage.

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