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Difference between Male and Female Prawn

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between male and female prawn. Difference # Male Prawn: 1. Among the specimens of same age, the size of male prawn is large. 2. Abdomen is narrow in male prawn. 3. Walking legs are closely set. 4. Second walking leg is strongly developed and with numerous […]

Study Notes on Scolopendra

In this article we will discuss about Scolopendra:- 1. Habit and Habitat of Scolopendra 2. External Structures of Scolopendra 3. Integumentary System 4. Locomotion 5. Digestive System 6. Respiratory System 7. Circulatory System 8. Excretory System 9. Nervous System 10. Reproductive System. Contents: Habit and Habitat of Scolopendra Exernal Structures of Scolopendra Integumentary System of […]

Study Notes on Trilobites

In this article we will discuss about Trilobites:- 1. Introduction to Trilobites 2. Habit and Habitat of Trilobites 3. Structure 4. Development 5. Affinities. Introduction to Trilobites: These groups of arthropods have no liv­ing members and are represented only by fossils. Altogether 19 genera are known to have had included nearly 4000 species. A fossil […]

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